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Dominik Haydn Rawle and Ursina Gysi are constantly chased by street style photographers. Originally from Switzerland and England/Australia the young couple has a strong sense for outstanding style.

For I LOVE YOU NO.09 Ursina and Dominik portrayed each other from their own unique perspectives. Moreover we talked about food rituals and favorites and asked them to share their yummiest recipe.

Where are you from? Ursina is from Chur, Switzerland and I was born
in Tunbridge Wells in England but grew up for the most part in Manly, Australia.
What�s your favorite meal? Rendang, Salt and Pepper Crab, Sylvia`s Buah Keluak, and the Mackerel Menu at Natori.
Which are your favorite restaurants from around the globe?
Friends Corner, Z�rich for the Kottu Roti 
and Dried chilis.
Eichh�rnli, Z�rich for Z�ri Geschnetzeltes.
Rheinfelder Bierhalle, Z�rich for the Jumbo Schnitzel.
And the Restaurant Kronenhalle.
East Coast Seafood, Singapore.

Sami`s, Singapore. Le Martel, Paris.
Aux Deux Amis, Paris.
Le Chateaubriand, P…
We are very happy to introduce you to our latest issue No.09 THE DIET ISSUE:

The 9th issue of I LOVE YOU magazine addresses a essential need while simultaneously reflecting the spirit of the times: Proper eating. Good and bad nutrition. Targeted dieting. Food as the new status symbol. As an action and as a necessity, the theoretical analysis of our eating habits and creative approaches to food intake.
Based on the most modern medical research, Dr. Max Timm established �metabolic balance� as a healthy nutritional concept in his practice and introduces us to the 10 basic rules of eating. How does it feel when you associate every random word and name with a taste? James Wannerton is a taste synesthete, and talks to us about his extraordinary sensory connections in an interview. Riva-Melissa Tez, entrepreneur and CRON diet devotee, discusses singularities and how, together with a group of scientists in Silicon Valley, she is attempting to attain immortality through diet. Journalist and veg…